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Fruit distillate

Jubilejná represents movable jubilees, which come each time when good friends meet. Jubilejná – it represents the celebrations of what unites and aligns us. Products with Jubilee mark come from the best traditions of the Slovak fruit distillates. You have the opportunity to experience the exceptional taste of the Slovak fruits such as pear, plum, apricot, and as specialty also combination of the pear with the genuine honeybee in them. In the addition, for the comfort during wintertime, Jubilejná has prepared a limited edition with flavor of the Punch (Punč).
The rich delicious taste and a pleasant fruity smell of the Jubilejná product range are also complemented by a piece of the juicy fruit embedded inside of the each bottle. With the Jubilee, each meeting with relatives can be converted into a small celebration of the friendship.


  • Jubilejná Punč 36%

  • Jubilejná 3 hrušky 40%

  • Jubilejná Hruška 40%

  • Jubilejná Slivka 40%

  • Jubilejná Marhuľa 40%

  • Jubilejná Čerešňa 40%

  • Jubilejná Čučoriedka 40%

  • Jubilejná Hruška s medom 30%

  • Jubilejná Borovička 40%

Mixed drinks by Jubilejná

  • Punchberry


    8 cl Jubilejná Punč
    8 cl Cranberry juice

  • JUBI Punch with ice


    6 cl Jubilejná Punč
    6 cl Cranberry juice

  • Pear Tea Party


    16 cl green tea
    4 cl Jubilejná Hruška (Pear) or Jubilejná Hruška s medom (Pear with honey)
    1 teaspoon of honey
    few drops of lemon juice

  • Punč shot


    5 cl Jubilejná Punč