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About us

Company ST. NICOLAUS, a.s.

The company ST. NICOLAUS is the largest producer of spirit drinks in Slovakia. The company's portfolio consists of dozens of the product series, including the well-known brands such as Nicolaus Vodka, bitter herbal liqueur Demänovka, or fruit spirit drinks of the Jubilejná series.

Besides own brands, the company ST. NICOLAUS, as an exclusive distribution partner of the Spanish company González Byass, has expanded its portfolio by foreign brands such as Soberano and Lepanto brandy, the London No. 1 Premium Gin and imported quality wines from wine producing countries such as Spain, Italy, Argentina and Chile.

Production plants of the ST. NICOLAUS Company are located in the towns Liptovský Mikuláš and Leopoldov; however, its activities reach even beyond the borders of Slovakia. In addition to sales representation in the Czech Republic and Hungary, its products are exported to other countries of the world, from Poland to Mexico or India.

Abundant experiences, based on the history and traditions with a strong emphasis on innovations, quality and product safety ensures the ST. NICOLAUS Company leadership and competitiveness on the Slovak market even for decades.

  • 1867

    Armin Stark establishes a private company, the first refinery in Liptovský Mikuláš. By refining is obtained spirit, which in turn is sold to wholesale customers.

  • 1907

    the company grows and becomes a public limited corporation called Štarkovská rafinéria liehu (Stark’s spirit refinery). In addition to the processing of alcohol, production and sale of rum, the company also focuses on the production and supply of electricity for the public and private lighting.

  • 1922

    It is the first Liptov Liqueur Factory of Rudolf Stein and Co. created. It was located in the premises of exploration shop and engaged in the production of liqueurs, rum (domestic um), borovička (juniper brandy) and slivovica (plum brandy).

  • 1967

    This is beginning of the Demänovka Liqueur production – the most famous Slovak herbal liqueur.

  • 1991

    A era of the business name ST. NICOLAUS began. The Logo and business name of the company are derived from both, the coat of arms and name of the town - Svätý Mikuláš or Sanctus Nicolaus.

  • 1995

    Beginning of production of the Nicolaus vodka, best selling vodka in Slovakia.

  • 2007

    Beginning of the Armin Stark Fernet production

  • 2008

    Beginning of the Jubilejná production

  • 2014

    Beginning of the 3 Borievky production