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Seasoning additives

Fermented Vinegar

With its characteristic aroma and flavor, the fermented vinegar belongs among the best flavorings of the warm and cold cuisine, especially suitable for adding flavor to different kinds of vegetable salads and sauces, for the preparation of oriental dishes, steamed poultry, game meat and soups.

It perfectly suits as an ingredient for the sterilization of vegetables.


HELS – Chren Tradičný – Traditional horseradish

You can enjoy it the most with a smoked meat, in ham rolls and it is an excellent ever as a supplement to grilled meals.

 HELS – Chren Extra Silný – Horseradish extra strong

This product is significantly sharp. It is perfect for sausages, bacon, or any smoked or grilled meat.

Hot Pepper Cream

It is produced of high quality ingredients according to own recipe. In particular, it will satisfy lovers of spicy delicacies. It is suitable with meat, used into sauces and spreads.