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Single Malt Scotch Whisky

GLEN MORAY Single Malt Whisky is made of barley malt coming from the Speyside area.  Since 1897, the emphasis has been put on production expertise, passion and tradition. It is made in the area of ELGIN, in one of the best-known regions producing Scottish whisky. The region is characterized by the top-quality water, suitable climatic conditions and the honey and fruity aroma and flavour of final whisky. Whisky is matured in oak barrels after bourbon imported from North America. A wide range of barrels is used to mature it, which makes it possible to achieve various types of whisky like Port Pipe, Sherry, Chardonnay etc. The whole production process is supervised by Master Distiller Mr. Graham COULL who is the fifth generation of a distillation master since the Company´s incorporation. The individual whiskies of GLEN MORAY brand have received a number of awards on international competitions. GLEN MORAY Single Malt Whisky is marketed in more than 62 countries all over the world.


  • GLEN MORAY Elgin Classic

  • Elgin Classic Peated

  • GLEN MORAY Elgin Classic Sherry

  • GLEN MORAY Elgin Classic Port

  • GLEN MORAY Elgin Classic Chardonnay

  • GLEN MORAY Elgin Heritage 12 YO

  • GLEN MORAY Elgin Heritage 15 YO

  • GLEN MORAY Heritage 18 YO 

  • GLEN MORAY Reserve 25 YO