St. Nicolaus - najobľúbenejší Mikuláš ®


Packaging variants: 0,2l, 0,5l, 1l,



With years confirmed, popular Slovak brand offers a wide range of the high quality products. Gentleness of the spirit, a long tradition and an emphasis on the quality are those ingredients thanks to which the Leon products enjoy ever-greater popularity of a wide range of consumers.  Through lion in the logo, it symbolizes properties of the Leon products – strength of the taste, dominance in the design, and perseverance in improving of the quality.


  • Leon Vodka Jemná 40%

  • Leon Tuzemský um 40%

  • Leon Tuzemský um 35%

  • Leon Borovička 40%

  • Leon Borovička 35%

  • Leon Gin 40%

  • Leon Slivka 40%

  • Leon Hruška 35%

  • Leon Marhuľa 35%

  • Leon Čerešňa 35%