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Nomad - Outland Whisky


The innovative blended whisky which breaks established rules. This whisky has come a long way to become what it is now.

In the first step. 30 exclusive whiskies (25 mal and 5 grain) that had been maturing for 5 to 8 years in the cold Scottish climate were mixed together. In the second stage, the mixture matured for 3 years in barrels after dry sherry Oloroso still in Scotland. In the third stage, the whisky was relocated to the hot climate of Andalusia where it matured for 12 months in barrels after sweet sherry Pedro Ximénez. Maturing on 2 different places and in 3 different barrels enriched the whisky by a specific aroma and it developed its delicious flavour and fine tones of vanilla, raisins and honey.

NOMAD – Outland Whisky … Born in Scotland, matured in Jerez.