St. Nicolaus - najobľúbenejší Mikuláš ®


Packaging variants: 0,7l
38%, 40%



The Caribbean region is considered to be the cradle of rum. In this area, a number of rums is produced. Nevertheless, hardly any of them comes from the centre of production. Santiago De Cuba is regarded the centre of rum, so the rum of rums is called likewise. The traditional rum production method is passed down from generation to generation. In addition to a tradition, local ingredients and local microclimate, its uniqueness is enhanced by maturing in barrels and subsequent mixing known rather for whisky. Mixing is based on combining various vintages of rums in such a way that the youngest bottled rum is the one whose vintage is stated on a label, and older vintages prevail in a merchandising packaging. The system adds a true smoothness, mildness and the balance of flavours and aromas to the rum. This rum is considered by many Cubans to be the best in the world. After all, it comes from the cradle of rum.

  • SANTIAGO DE CUBA Carta Blanca 38%

  • SANTIAGO DE CUBA Añejo 38%

  • SANTIAGO DE CUBA Añejo Superior 11 Años 40%

  • SANTIAGO DE CUBA Extra Añejo 12 Años 40%

  • SANTIAGO DE CUBA: Extra Añejo 25 Años 40%

  • SANTIAGO DE CUBA: Rum Extra Anejo 20 Anos